Hello and Welcome to my Nomad Blog

Hello and Welcome to my Nomad Blog

This is the start of my Blog .  It will describe much of the process of transitioning between my work as  a nurse to that of an independent traveller around Australia

When I start to move you will find a diary of the challenges and joyful moments I encounter. I hope that many will join me in this adventure and will contribute of their knowledge and experience to help me in my Journey.

My intention is to free camp as much as possible and to that end I need a home on wheels that is completely self reliant and whatever you take in you take away with you.  That although you are not plugging into the electricity every night you can still live comfortably in the harsher outback climate.

I have my Tow vehicle set up for outback travel and am currently getting to the final stages of designing  the Caravan.  Just like all technology the details may change as I approach the build time but as it stands I have a clear idea of what it will be.

Details of both will be found on the respective pages and comments or questions are most welcome

Free of rent rates house maintenance cutting grass etc. etc I will stretch my pension to give me a lifestyle that is exciting and rewarding