The search for  Off Grid power

The search for Off Grid power

Batteries and Panels

Throw in a few batteries and lob a few solar panels on your roof.  There you are easy done. If only it was that easy.  First of all which battery system are you thinking about??  How many panels and what wattage??. After many hours of google, you tube, magazines, and asking everyone, I came up with what will be my solution.

Battery System

EPL-500AH-12V-leftIn amongst my searching I came across a site based in Brisbane Enerdive Pty.  Something resonated with me in reading the content.  I am not quite sure what it was but it may have been the fact that everything was there staring at me on the screen.  A complete package of Lithium batteries and all the control and management equipment. Not being an instant believer  I continued to search read and absorb as much information as I could.  I got lost in tables formulas calculations.  My head hurt.

Picking up my monthly copy of Caravan World I read a review on Lithium batteries.  That review is on the Enerdrive site and you can see it Here.  OHH I thought synchronicity I am always on the look out for this sort of thing.  This coincided with a visit to Zone RV where Clay told me of a custom 20ft build with an Enerdrive Lithium System. That’s 3 times in just about a week.  I continued to search but as of yet have not found any other out there.  This means one system one warranty and one source if I develop a problem.

At this point in time I have penciled in this system for my build.

Solar Panels

Solar DetailsAgain lots of options here. Google again was my friend with many articles blogs and you tube videos. What it all boiled down to was get as many panels as you can afford or that will fit on your roof. As I will be on the road full time and knowing that both heat and sun or lack of it affect the efficiency of each panels potential output.  This then directly effects the ability to recharge your battery system. I looked at big, small, intermediate sized panels.  What I had in the back of my head all this time was more panel equals more weight they are not exactly light!!  I had heard of thin panels and watched a you tube video of them installed on an RV. Clay again mentioned flexible panels and I looked at these on his  recommendation.  These also tic the weight issue and will pencil these in as well