Free camp at Warra and Michell queensland

Free camp at Warra and Michell queensland

Free camp water and clean toilets

i travelled from Woodford west to a free camp that I found using wiki camps. It was a small area but very adequate and well kept by the community. When I pulled up I was waiting for the kettle to boil when a white feather fell from the sky and landed at my feet. I no longer felt alone.

I am going to look for somewhere I can stay for a few days as I have plenty of time before reaching Birdsville for the Big Red Bash

so I moved on on Tuesday and am currently camped at the weir in Michel there is water and clean toilets. It is a strange feeling although others are around you have a lot of time to relax and just be at one with the world.  I do not know where time goes   I must get my cameras out and take some pictures.

one thing I found out quickly is that data goes nowhere. Especially out here no free wifi so much has to be done in future at the Golden Arches. I think that country people have a very short end of the stick when compared to city folk. No wonder no one can afford a house in the capital cities. Everyone appears to be forced to go there. It is such a shame. It is really beautiful out here

tomorrow I have nothing planned my destination of Birdsville is a month away. However having nothing planned is what it’s about at the end of the day. I must charge up my batteries for the camera the stars and Milky Way are just magnificent

It has started

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i picked up the caravan on the 24th April and went to Coolum beach Caravan Park. I had one issue in that the tongue on the tow bar was 20mm short to accept the DO35 hitch without rubbing. So on the first day I had to take off to Caboolture to have a new tongue fitted.  All good now

I spent the first two weeks checking everything out. Although the handover was comprehensive my memory retention was not that long. I read the manuals over a few times. I found some minor issues that were fixed with a phone call to Zone RV.  I do not know where time went but it flew so fast. I do not know where I had time to do anything when I worked full time

Monday morning came and I hitched up for the first time. I had help from the others in the park. Towing for the first time I had my friend John riding shot gun. We travelled down the Bruce Hwy and west to Woodford Showgrounds.  I am trying to get all my paperwork sorted before heading west towards Birdsville

I have settled into the van discovered some gear that I need to get. Still sorting and removing stuff I do not need. I want to try and keep weight to a minimum

Once I have been in the van a month or two full time I will write a detailed review on the caravan page


April 27th was the day I picked up my van. I have been at Coolum Beach Caravan Park for the last two weeks. I have tried everything that opens and closes switches on or off. I cannot fault the van whatsoever. The build quality is fantastic. There have been some minor things that have needed attention. They have been done by ZoneRv. Within a couple of hours of being mentioned to them.

i activated my gps tracker yesterday in preparation for the start of the journey on Monday.  I will be going to Woodford for a few days to get my belongings and then head out to Birdsville for The Big Red Bash. I will post the details on the big lap page once I start to move

DSC_0744.JPG - Aus Nomad

DSC_0744.JPG – Aus Nomad

I have now completed the additions to the caravan page.  They are a series of pdf files that should open in a new page. The last on the list allows you to do a walk around and through the van.  I need to work out how to make the icon bigger. It may be hard to see on a mobile phone.  This is as close to the final design I can get without paying my money and going through the final process.  I am happy with it so far and anything extra will be only minor changes.  I just think to myself in those quiet moments where on earth I will be this time next year.

Planning Continues

I spent a morning with Clay from Zone RV.  We systematically went over the plans and added some final upgrades.  I had be thinking of a Satellite dish for the internet but having looked at the plan prices all I can say is they are outrageous. I have gone with a signal booster for the 4g network.  the only downside is you have to use Telstra.  I went for two spare wheels so i can do a systematic rotation of all 6 wheels giving me better overall wear.  I decided on the colours of the interior.  Settled on the diesel heating and hot water.  When combined with the diesel cooktop I need to vent to prevent gas build up.  I increased the number of solar panel to 600 watts.  I believe this to be plenty to generate the power required for “off grid” work.  I will have a ladder at the back so I can access the back.

As much of my time will be taken up with photography and video I decided to go with an iMac which will be mountable on a bracket in the lounge near the fridge.  I have planned for extra 240 volt sockets for this and will put a shelf for hard drives etc below it.  This can all be safely stowed when travelling.

I am on track to becoming debt free prior to retirement.  I will have my tax done this next month and then have that discussion with my financial planner.  I know I am going to spend more than I would want to but after all it will be my home whether I am parked at my children homes or El Quester Station.

I will try and update the caravan page with details of the van its layout and equipment.

Well its Getting Closer

Well its Getting Closer

I have been a little lax in updating the site but behind the scenes a lot has been going on.  Over the Christmas period I made my final decision on the caravan and decided to stay with ZoneRV as it offered the best customer service and the best overall package.  I have paid my deposit to join the build queue and have entered the design stage in earnest. I have a fairly clear idea of the components I want and having talked with other travelers and owners the concept I have in my head still appears valid.  I will start adding my ideas to the ZoneRV page and welcome any comments or discussion.  It will be interesting to see the final build as compared to my concept when all is done and dusted.  For those interested I have decided on the Signature off road version of the van.  However I will build a 18 ft 6ins version of it.  I feel the smaller van will enable better access yet not impede my life style

The next step in the process was to deal with my credit card and personal loan and reduce these to an absolute  At this stage i have almost got the credit card to zero but the outstanding personal loan will take the next nine months to eradicate.  I could wait until I get my long service leave payout but I will need to tighten my belt after next March so may as well do it now.  I have moved out of my house for the last six years or so and moved in with friends.  This should enable me to save what I was paying in rent and use it to reduce debt.

The last but parallel thing I have to do is STOP Smoking if for nothing else but the financial gain which will be so important as I move forward.

Currently I feel mixed emotions .  Excitement at the prospect of seeing this great country and doing a lot of exploring photography and some videos.  On the flip side I am quite apprehensive about getting everything in place and paid for.