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The Off Road Home.

This is my chosen caravan and home on the road.  I have been in person a few times to the factory and have always been welcome.

Having a custom built caravan is important to me as it will be my long term home as well.  Although my size and final construction details are almost finalized I may change a few things as the build date approaches

I am at the moment watching the weight on some of the current builds so I can make a final decision.  The Tare weight and carrying capacity are very important factors to consider.

Given that the DMax has a good tow capacity already I am confident that I will not have a problem in this area.

The build details will be outlined here but more details in the blog section will be more comprehensive and open to comment and suggestions.

The motto I try to follow when looking at this and most other things is “The customer is not always right” Although I research as much as I can I believe that sometimes you need to listen also and modify according to experienced manufacturers.

Details will only be accurate at the time of posting and further developments may alter for you what is appropriate

iZ-18.6 Layouts _ Dimensions

Colour Layouts

ZONE RV _ WIFI & 4G Connectivity

Rear Ladder Option

Spare Wheel Carrier

Z-18.6 Floor Plan

ZONE RV _ Interior Colours

Z-18.6 Off Road _ WEIR Specifications


Week one of the build starts below

I have deliberately left the sizes of the following photographs of my van build as big as possible.  This way you are able to zoom in to inspect the finer details.  This will cause this page to load slowly  Please leave it on for them to populate if you have a slow connection

My first photo  There was a sense of “I am on the way when I saw my name and the build number. It has been such a long process of looking searching then looking a lot more.  The money paid and the build has begun. No turning back now

A view of the pointy end. I sit and stare thinking about how it will look and the places I intend to hitch up to it and take it with me. Thoughts of my first trip out into western Queensland distracts me for a few moments.  I have dreamt so much about the adventure for so long.  The day is coming and a tinge of apprehension yet excitement enters my head.

This chassis is the basis of everything to follow.  Zone RV have put so much work into it with new developments happening as I write this.  I feel confident that it will carry me and my property wherever I choose to go.


Looking at the axles I see the air bag suspension.  No wheels to turn it yet but I think of the off road places that those axles and suspension is going to take me.  Hoping to meet up with the wonderful grey nomad and not so grey travellers along the road.  I am sure to hear of wonderful places to take my off road home on wheels.


The back with the rear bar. How many will follow me on the road.  I hope not to many truckies trying to get their days work done.  Yes I will pull over when it is safe but please don’t get too close to me.

I see the hot and cold water pipes The tanks for the water.  I think of far off dusty places being able to shower the red dust off with hot water rather than a cold bucket out of a creek like last year at Cameron Corner.  Pure bliss then suddenly I think about picking up water and having enough.  Ah well forget the shower today

Week 2 progress photos follow……….

This week we start off at the pointy end again.  I can see things taking shape.  Oooo it wont be long now.

The cupboards are going in .  I look and imagine the final shape.  Of course it will look the same as the one on the other side.

Bathroom and Fridge cupboards.

The shower unit on the left and all the plumbing for vanity and hand sink as well.  Looking good

The plumbing to the kitchen units  We are getting there so fast

Looking down from the bed area towards the bathroom.  Seats on the left and kitchen on the right

The lithium battery area under the seating. The wiring appear spot on.  Makes me think of nights away and my own power supply

Lots of cupboards no David you cannot fill them up think weight

The kitchen sink and to the left the diesel cooktop Yes no oven  It is outside. I know many who never use the oven in their van so why have one in the first place

The hand basin Toilet will go to the left.  No tramping over wet grass looking  for the loo and at the same time locking yourself out.  It does happen.  Of course you then have to walk the dog.  Caravans’ will know  what I mean.  It comes with the territory

The shower unit in nothing to see here move on!!!

Looking from the back to the front where the bed will be

On to week three of the build

Back to the front again for this weeks photos

Starting to look like a real van as the sides are now in place from last week

The rear of the van now all skinned

The left side where airbag suspension and tv control panel go.  Need the camp fire and the billy on

A lot in this picture controls and monitors being wired in  First view of the roof and holes for fans and skylights

From bed to bathroom

The air pump for suspension level 4  The fusion box for the sound system  The 2k watt inverter

The view out the kitchen widow

From the back to the front

The shower area almost completed

Moving on to week 4 …………

Back to the front again at the start of this week.

Finishing off some of the wiring at the front door

Getting ready to put up the side awning

Safety Dave dual camera on the back

Hatches being fitted for toilet cassette fridge ventilation and external shower

The outside entertainment area with connections for tv and satellite  Also the controls for stage 4 air bag control

ensuite area and 2kg washing machine

Internal doors and fittings being installed

Lounge area starting to take shape

Parked up at Coolum

I ended getting 2 gas bottles


The donor to ensuite

Ensuite to bed area