Free camp at Warra and Michell queensland

Free camp at Warra and Michell queensland

Free camp water and clean toilets

i travelled from Woodford west to a free camp that I found using wiki camps. It was a small area but very adequate and well kept by the community. When I pulled up I was waiting for the kettle to boil when a white feather fell from the sky and landed at my feet. I no longer felt alone.

I am going to look for somewhere I can stay for a few days as I have plenty of time before reaching Birdsville for the Big Red Bash

so I moved on on Tuesday and am currently camped at the weir in Michel there is water and clean toilets. It is a strange feeling although others are around you have a lot of time to relax and just be at one with the world.  I do not know where time goes   I must get my cameras out and take some pictures.

one thing I found out quickly is that data goes nowhere. Especially out here no free wifi so much has to be done in future at the Golden Arches. I think that country people have a very short end of the stick when compared to city folk. No wonder no one can afford a house in the capital cities. Everyone appears to be forced to go there. It is such a shame. It is really beautiful out here

tomorrow I have nothing planned my destination of Birdsville is a month away. However having nothing planned is what it’s about at the end of the day. I must charge up my batteries for the camera the stars and Milky Way are just magnificent

It has started

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i picked up the caravan on the 24th April and went to Coolum beach Caravan Park. I had one issue in that the tongue on the tow bar was 20mm short to accept the DO35 hitch without rubbing. So on the first day I had to take off to Caboolture to have a new tongue fitted.  All good now

I spent the first two weeks checking everything out. Although the handover was comprehensive my memory retention was not that long. I read the manuals over a few times. I found some minor issues that were fixed with a phone call to Zone RV.  I do not know where time went but it flew so fast. I do not know where I had time to do anything when I worked full time

Monday morning came and I hitched up for the first time. I had help from the others in the park. Towing for the first time I had my friend John riding shot gun. We travelled down the Bruce Hwy and west to Woodford Showgrounds.  I am trying to get all my paperwork sorted before heading west towards Birdsville

I have settled into the van discovered some gear that I need to get. Still sorting and removing stuff I do not need. I want to try and keep weight to a minimum

Once I have been in the van a month or two full time I will write a detailed review on the caravan page


April 27th was the day I picked up my van. I have been at Coolum Beach Caravan Park for the last two weeks. I have tried everything that opens and closes switches on or off. I cannot fault the van whatsoever. The build quality is fantastic. There have been some minor things that have needed attention. They have been done by ZoneRv. Within a couple of hours of being mentioned to them.

i activated my gps tracker yesterday in preparation for the start of the journey on Monday.  I will be going to Woodford for a few days to get my belongings and then head out to Birdsville for The Big Red Bash. I will post the details on the big lap page once I start to move