DSC_0744.JPG - Aus Nomad

DSC_0744.JPG – Aus Nomad

I have now completed the additions to the caravan page.  They are a series of pdf files that should open in a new page. The last on the list allows you to do a walk around and through the van.  I need to work out how to make the icon bigger. It may be hard to see on a mobile phone.  This is as close to the final design I can get without paying my money and going through the final process.  I am happy with it so far and anything extra will be only minor changes.  I just think to myself in those quiet moments where on earth I will be this time next year.

Planning Continues

I spent a morning with Clay from Zone RV.  We systematically went over the plans and added some final upgrades.  I had be thinking of a Satellite dish for the internet but having looked at the plan prices all I can say is they are outrageous. I have gone with a signal booster for the 4g network.  the only downside is you have to use Telstra.  I went for two spare wheels so i can do a systematic rotation of all 6 wheels giving me better overall wear.  I decided on the colours of the interior.  Settled on the diesel heating and hot water.  When combined with the diesel cooktop I need to vent to prevent gas build up.  I increased the number of solar panel to 600 watts.  I believe this to be plenty to generate the power required for “off grid” work.  I will have a ladder at the back so I can access the back.

As much of my time will be taken up with photography and video I decided to go with an iMac which will be mountable on a bracket in the lounge near the fridge.  I have planned for extra 240 volt sockets for this and will put a shelf for hard drives etc below it.  This can all be safely stowed when travelling.

I am on track to becoming debt free prior to retirement.  I will have my tax done this next month and then have that discussion with my financial planner.  I know I am going to spend more than I would want to but after all it will be my home whether I am parked at my children homes or El Quester Station.

I will try and update the caravan page with details of the van its layout and equipment.