The search for  Off Grid power

The search for Off Grid power

Batteries and Panels

Throw in a few batteries and lob a few solar panels on your roof.  There you are easy done. If only it was that easy.  First of all which battery system are you thinking about??  How many panels and what wattage??. After many hours of google, you tube, magazines, and asking everyone, I came up with what will be my solution.

Battery System

EPL-500AH-12V-leftIn amongst my searching I came across a site based in Brisbane Enerdive Pty.  Something resonated with me in reading the content.  I am not quite sure what it was but it may have been the fact that everything was there staring at me on the screen.  A complete package of Lithium batteries and all the control and management equipment. Not being an instant believer  I continued to search read and absorb as much information as I could.  I got lost in tables formulas calculations.  My head hurt.

Picking up my monthly copy of Caravan World I read a review on Lithium batteries.  That review is on the Enerdrive site and you can see it Here.  OHH I thought synchronicity I am always on the look out for this sort of thing.  This coincided with a visit to Zone RV where Clay told me of a custom 20ft build with an Enerdrive Lithium System. That’s 3 times in just about a week.  I continued to search but as of yet have not found any other out there.  This means one system one warranty and one source if I develop a problem.

At this point in time I have penciled in this system for my build.

Solar Panels

Solar DetailsAgain lots of options here. Google again was my friend with many articles blogs and you tube videos. What it all boiled down to was get as many panels as you can afford or that will fit on your roof. As I will be on the road full time and knowing that both heat and sun or lack of it affect the efficiency of each panels potential output.  This then directly effects the ability to recharge your battery system. I looked at big, small, intermediate sized panels.  What I had in the back of my head all this time was more panel equals more weight they are not exactly light!!  I had heard of thin panels and watched a you tube video of them installed on an RV. Clay again mentioned flexible panels and I looked at these on his  recommendation.  These also tic the weight issue and will pencil these in as well


A nomads life begins before the current life stops

A nomads life begins before the current life stops

I have almost 16 months to go before that retirement day hits.  Plenty of time I hear you say.  In theory that may be true but when you work full time and do the routine tasks of day to day living then a lot of time is lost.  I am not a list person but I can see that this is exactly what I am going to have to do to relieve my fairly active brain of the mundane tasks of remembering small details that are easily overlooked.

The two biggest tasks of acquiring my tow vehicle and deciding on the caravan are all but completed.  However the smaller yet significant decisions have still to be made and just like today I need to spend time in considering the options and decisions I must make prior to setting off.  The alterations and equipment I still need to make or buy

What is my address going to be. This is important for registrations and official mail purposes. You know the government does not even consider that some people do not have a permanent address.

I need to re-do my will and make sure my family are aware of it.  In my head I do not feel old but anything can happen and best be prepared.

Planning the initial part of the journey where and for how long.  The Shake down trip.  Once that is completed and any minor defects put right then to head out on the great Nomad Adventure.

As the plan gets underway some questions I need to ask are:-  How am I going to stay in touch. Being off grid is off grid and being able to access friends and family from the more isolated parts of Australia means careful thought and planning. This has to happen now rather than after you leave and go oops how am I going to do that!!

There is no rush no time frame for the Big Lap and so travelling many klms. a week is not necessary. Not only does this save on fuel but allows you to explore the local in which you find yourself. To document and record the little known treasures so that others following after you.

The art of free camping.  I say this because as technology changes -and it does very fast- what are the requirements for a solo traveler to have so they can exist for the greatest time without requiring  modern conveniences.  At the same time being completely self sufficient so that whatever you take in comes out and is disposed of properly so as not to pollute our natural environment.  This to me is very important.

If people want to have the ability to free camp then this will only be permitted if we leave our stopping places cleaner than when we arrived.  The dumping of grey water and worse black blights not only the environment but the vast number of fellow travellers who follow after. Local authorities also will severely restrict if not ban everyone from this great  opportunity. We travellers may spend and contribute to large and small communities throughout Austalia but if we do not treat each area with respect we will become a blight and not a benefit to them

Throughout this blog I will address many of these issues and welcome your input and discussion so that in moving forward a common set of principals will be accepted and be accepted best practice amongst the travelling community. These will be my opinions and yours my be different I accept that.  However healthy discussion and debate is only a positive outcome for all of us.



Hello and Welcome to my Nomad Blog

Hello and Welcome to my Nomad Blog

This is the start of my Blog .  It will describe much of the process of transitioning between my work as  a nurse to that of an independent traveller around Australia

When I start to move you will find a diary of the challenges and joyful moments I encounter. I hope that many will join me in this adventure and will contribute of their knowledge and experience to help me in my Journey.

My intention is to free camp as much as possible and to that end I need a home on wheels that is completely self reliant and whatever you take in you take away with you.  That although you are not plugging into the electricity every night you can still live comfortably in the harsher outback climate.

I have my Tow vehicle set up for outback travel and am currently getting to the final stages of designing  the Caravan.  Just like all technology the details may change as I approach the build time but as it stands I have a clear idea of what it will be.

Details of both will be found on the respective pages and comments or questions are most welcome

Free of rent rates house maintenance cutting grass etc. etc I will stretch my pension to give me a lifestyle that is exciting and rewarding